How to fix Spotify Wrapped not working (2)

How To Fix Spotify Wrapped Not Working

Spotify Wrapped is yet another compilation of all the songs you’ve heard this year. The collection is available towards the end of the Calender year and is designed to enable you to rewind time and reflect on all that has impacted your life. As a consequence if nostalgia brings you again to the amazing times, you may explore the complete set and recreate the experiences with your loved ones and friends. Spotify has also released

“Wrapped 2023” this year. Spotify Wrapped 2023 isn’t yet accessible to all users. If you’ve been concerned by this issue, these practical solutions have you covered.

Before we begin, let’s look into the various causes of Spotify Wrapped 2023 not functioning!

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So, What’s the deal with Spotify Wrapped 2023 being functioning?

Spotify Wrapped may not be working for a variety of reasons. For example, the issue might be caused by a bug, an old version, or a variety of other glitches. In this hands-on tutorial, we’ll take each of these concerns into account and propose strategies to get rid of them.

Force Quit Spotify

The first step in resolving the Spotify Wrapped 2022 not working issue is to forcibly exit the app. Sometimes all you need to do to remedy an app-related issue is force kill the programme.

  • Simply open the app switcher and slide up to force-quit Spotify.
  • Then, open the Spotify app on your smartphone to see whether “#SPOTIFYWRAPPED, Your 2022 in review” appears on the front page. If it doesn’t appear on the home page, hit the Search symbol at the bottom -> the Wrapped part should appear at the top of the screen.

Wait Just Several Days For Spotify To Be Completed

It’s important to note that Spotify Wrapped may not be accessible to everyone at the same time. As a consequence, you’ll have to wait a few days for such Wrapped to display in the app.

Spotify On Your Smartphone Must Be Updated

Another approach you should always attempt is to upgrade the Spotify app. Another option to consider is updating the Spotify app. If you’ve not upgraded Spotify in quite a while, the outdated version is most likely to blame.
Search for Spotify with in App Store/Google Play Store. It should be updated as usual.

How To Watch Spotify Wrapped 2023?

The ability to view Spotify Wrapped 2023 on mobile devices but not a PC has been confirmed by Spotify. Therefore, consumers are unable to access this storytelling feature on their PCs.

Step 1

Launch the Spotify app on your phone, then scroll down until you see the banner that reads “Your Wrapped 2023 is ready.” You must first input your login information if you haven’t already.

Step 2

When you tap on the banner, the story-liked feature ought to appear. Additionally, you can scroll down to see additional year-end playlists, such as Your Top Songs 2023 and Your Top Artists 2023.

Step 3

Wait until the tales are finished, at which point a Share button will appear on the screen, to communicate your Spotify Wrapped 2023. Alternatively, you may share every slide by selecting Share this story near the bottom on every narrative page.

Exit Spotify And Re-Enter It

Signing out and back in can often help you fix an unresponsive Spotify app. Give it a go, considering how beneficial it has been.

  • Install your Spotify app on your mobile device -> main section at the bottom of the screen -> Settings button in the top right corner of the screen -> scroll to the bottom and choose Log Out.
  • Then, sign in using your credentials.

Restart Your Device

I can’t count the number of times I’ve fixed a faulty app by just rebooting the device. Give it a chance as well because it’s easy, effective, and doesn’t hurt your data.

Clear Spotify Cache

Clear Spotify Cache

If you still can’t view Spotify Wrapped 2022 in evaluation, I recommend emptying the app cache.

  • Start your Spotify app on your phone and make sure the Home option is chosen.
  • Then, in the upper right right-hand corner of the screen, press the Settings button, then navigate to the Storage section, click Remove Cache, and confirm.

Last Resort: Delete and Reinstall Spotify

If none of the suggestions help to repair Spotify on your smartphone, uninstall and reinstall the app. A fresh installation may help you resolve the problem.

How To Resolve Spotify Wrapped Issue?

There are primarily 4 types of troubles you could run across when seeing your Spotify Wrapped, according to feedback from Spotify users and the Spotify Community.

1 Spotify Is Not Available

Spotify Is Not Available

The situation that users encounter most frequently is this one. When they use the Search bar to look for it or when they browse over to the Wrapped section.


Clear the Spotify cache if you do not know whether to clear the cache on Spotify follow the steps

Step 1: Launch Spotify on your mobile device and select Settings

Step 2. After selecting Storage, hit Clear cache

Step 3: Repeat the tap on “Clear cache” to confirm. The tracks you’ve obtained to the music collection won’t be removed by this.

Download Most Recent Version Of Spotify.

Steps to download latest version

1: Visit the 2023 website. on your phone, wrapped

2: Select download from the app store as well as Get It from Google Play.

3: Register into your account on Spotify in order to access your Wrapped stories

Utilise Virtual Private Network (VPN) In Your Phone

You can use a secure VPN connection to your smartphone or tablet to load the Wrapped since many users read their Wrapped at once.

2 The Wrapped Story Won’t Start

The Wrapped Story Won't Start

Some users claim that the software allows them to learn their Spotify Wrapped 2022. However, the Wrapped store simply cannot be opened and does not appear when users are forwarded to the respective app and attempt to access it.


Examine The Internet Connection

The tales won’t load as was anticipated if your internet connection is slow. Once Spotify has been closed, check your link to the internet. Open Spotify once again when everything is ok.

Verify Your Phone’s Accessibility Options

To ensure that the stories may successfully load, make sure that the motion picture setting is on. If not, go to your phone’s animation settings and turn them on.

3 Wrapped Story Causes Spotify App To Crash

When users tap the Wrapped icon, the Spotify app simply collapses without any warning. Some users have discovered this problem. However, you could attempt the following fixes.


1 Launch the Spotify App again.

2 Remove Spotify’s Cache.

3 Uninstall Spotify and reinstall it.

Q. How does Spotify Wrap work?

You may think of Spotify Wrapped as a report that lists the songs and podcasts you listened to over the course of the year. Typically, it contains your favourite musical genres, artists, and songs.

Q. When will Spotify Wrapped be available?

Spotify regularly makes their Wrapped reports available on November 32 of each year. Every Spotify user will be informed that “Wrapped is Coming” in advance via tweets or other social media.

Q. How should Spotify Wrapped 2022 be shared?

You can tap the Share icon when you have your Spotify Wrapped and then share it on the social media sites you like, including Facebook, WhatsApp, TikTok, Twitter, Snapchat, WhatsApp Business, Line, and Instagram.

Q. Why doesn’t my Spotify Wrapped function?

There are many potential causes for the Spotify Wrapped issue. If you experience this issue, go to Part 3 of how to fix Spotify Wrapped not working.


So that brings us to the end of our extensive troubleshooting tutorial for repairing Spotify Wrapped not functioning on iOS and Android. According to my observations, you can usually resolve the issue by upgrading the programme or force-killing it.

By the way, please share the hack that worked for you. Also, if you learn of any other effective strategies, please feel free to share them to me.

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