How To Add Friends On Be Real

How To Add Friends On Be Real

Be Real offers people a novel method to share images and engage with one another. This social media software employs unique techniques to provide you with a more realistic view of your friends.
But, of course, to get the most out of any social network, you’ll need one thing: friends. Fortunately, the ingenious program offers multiple ways to add pals and enlarge your inner circle.

This post will show you how to add friends in BeReal using a variety of approaches.

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How Do I Add Friends On This App?

Friends can be added to the Be Real networking site. To begin, install the be Real application on your device. If you own an iOS smartphone, search the Apple Store for ‘be real,’ and if you possess an Android smartphone, check the Play Store. After that, download and activate the be Real app. Then make a user. Let’s look at how to add friends now. You may find and add friends in five different ways.

Add Be Real Friends From Suggestions

  • When you activate the Be Real app, the screen shown below will appear. Select the user icon in the upper left corner.
  • A page will appear. On iOS, it will be divided into three portions. Suggestions, friends, and requests. However, Android has two portions. That is my suggestion and my buddies. Suggestions are the default in both cases.
  • .Suggestions will consist of profiles of friends of individuals you know. By selecting the ‘Add’ button, you may ask your loved ones to become friends.

Add Friends On Be Real From Discovery

  • This method also begins at the BeReal home screen. Under the app’s name, there are two options: “My Friends” and “Discovery.” Choose “Discovery.”
  • The app will start displaying random postings from BeReal users. If you want to add a poster as a friend, go to their profile by touching on their profile image.
  • Click “Add” to send an invite to the person’s profile.

Using The Search Function To Add Friends In Be Real

  • Tap the sign with two simplified human forms when you first start BeReal. This symbol will appear in the upper left corner.
  • A search bar will display at the top of the screen when you hit the symbol. Tap within the search box to use it.
  • Enter the person’s name you’re looking for. The app will provide suggestions depending on your search as you write.
  • Next to their profile image and name, each profile upon that list will have an “Add” button. Using this button, you can send a friend request.

Accepting Buddy Addition Requests In Be Real

  • .When you initially start the BeReal app, tap the leftmost icon. It will consist of a portrayal of two individuals.
  • At the bottom, three options will appear: “Suggestions,” “Friends,” & “Requests.” Select “Requests.”
  • You will be sent to a website that displays a list of all of your current friend requests.
  • .If you want to be friends with someone, tap “Accept” next to their name. You can also cancel the request by clicking the “X” symbol next to the “Accept” option.

Sending Invitations To Add Friends In Be Real

You may greatly boost the number of people you know on Be Real by sharing your profile link on social networks. You may get your profile link from the app in one of three ways:

  • Tap the two-person sign in the top left corner of BeReal. A popup window with the text “Invite friends to BeReal” will appear. Selecting that button will provide you with a number of sharing alternatives. You will be able to quickly share your link on suggested social networks or manually copy and paste it.
  • Clicking on your profile icon (top right) in BeReal reveals your profile. Your profile link will appear as a string of characters beneath the “Your Memories” box.The URL can then be pasted and copied anywhere you like
  • You may also access settings from your BeReal profile page by tapping the three dots icon. You’ll then have the easy option of “Share BeReal.” This choice will work in the same way as the first.

Grow Your Network

Be Real, like any other social networking platform, is more enjoyable if you have a large number of friends. Fortunately, you may do so by following the steps indicated in this article. As your community of Be Real mates increases, you’ll have much more fun only with the app than ever before.

Q. How do I check my BeReal pending friends?

Tap the friend symbol in the upper-left corner of BeReal after opening it. Activate the “Requests” tab. To see your pending friend requests, tap “Sent >”.

Q. Is it necessary to be a buddy on BeReal in order to view someone else’s posts?

Friends can only see BeReal posts on the app for one day. However, it’s possible that someone has already viewed and screenshotted a BeReal even if you remove it.

Q. BeReal only sends to friends, right?

When finished, check BeReal and tap the Send icon. Before the 2-minute countdown expires, you have the choice to take the BeReal test one more. 3. On the following page, you can decide whether to share with everyone or only your friends.

Q. Does BeReal display follower numbers?

Here are some things you need to know about the social networking app that is sweeping college campuses: BeReal enables users two minutes to publish images of the exact activity they’re attempting to share with others, with no filters, likes, or follower numbers.

Q. What is the BeReal age restriction?

According to the BeReal rules and regulations, “BeReal is available to consumers over the threshold of 13 only.”

Q. What about Instagram and BeReal?

BeReal, a copy of Instagram, is now legitimate. With Instagram Stories, Meta debuted “Candid Stories,” a new feature that mimics BeReal’s iconic daily selfies. A corporate official stated that South Africa will be the first place the feature is tested.

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