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A fun 2D game called Mini Militia is available on and was created by Appsomniacs LLC. These games may be played with no fewer than five other players. Pistols, Assault Rifles, Snipers, Shotguns, and more weapons are available in the game.

For fans of action role-playing games, Mini Militia is a complete package of fun that includes 20 distinct maps. The game is a lot of fun; you compete against five other gamers, and your goal is to win by any means possible.

To win every game, use as many firearms, grenades, and techniques as feasible.
You may improve at Mini Militia – Doodle Army 2 in a variety of ways, which I’ll explain in this hints and tactics guide.

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Mini Militia Gameplay

  • At the start of the game, the avatar is thrown into the fighting arena, complete with a primary as well as a secondary armament and a few explosives.
  • The game lasts approximately 6 minutes and 30 seconds. You need to be able to eliminate as many enemies as possible in this limited time.
  • Using the controls will be simple because they are straightforward.
  • Tap on the armaments in the upper-right area of the screen to switch between them. Reload them by clicking the ammunition icon adjacent to them.
  • The bottom left circle button allows you to control where the avatar moves.
  • To utilise the shoot button, the centre circle must be rotated outside the outer circle.
  • The centre bar located in the upper-left quadrant displays remaining health (pink) and flying ability (blue).

Pro Players’ Favourite Controls And Settings

Methods For Newcomers

Methods For Newcomers

Whether you are inexperienced to competing and have only recently started, you will find it difficult to win this game. There are numerous instances in battle when you are on the verge of death.

This is a brilliant method that overlooks the instances in which you die alone by eliminating the opponent or killing both of you. These operations are sometimes referred to as attacks of suicide.

Use a Gas Bomb

This strategy does not necessitate a high level of gaming ability. All that remains to do is waiting for the right time to launch a gas bomb into the hatch area.

Any additional competitors who arrive at the same time as you will be eliminated. This can be repeated if there are sufficient gasoline bombs.


When an opponent fires a bomb at you, it is preferable to crouch as opposed to sit, which is harmful to the player’s health. It also decreases the surface area of the body, making it less vulnerable to injury from these projectiles.

Never Attempt To Hack Into Anything

Hackers are those who use third-party tools to get boundless and god-like powers in games, and they can be found in almost every game.

If you speak to them, you risk being depressed. This is due to the fact that these hackers have boundless strength and are extremely difficult to eliminate. It’s best to avoid them.

Use Effective Weapon Combinations

Use Effective Weapon Combinations

A well-stocked armoury will aid you in defeating your opponents and increasing the probability of a smooth triumph. You can try out different gun combos.

Because of their high impact, a sniper and a firearm such as a shotgun create the best weapon combination. Another good combination is a weapon of mass destruction and a sniper.

Keep Yourself Hidden

If you are a beginner and find themselves in a competition with experienced players, you must proceed with caution. This can be performed by hiding in the leaves and shooting right away as they approach.

Shields Should Be Used

In this game, the only kind of armour available is a shield. A protective covering and an assault weapon are both permissible. It is usually a good idea to have a weapon that may safeguard you from being assassinated by others.

However, keep in mind that your opponents can attack you from behind. Shield and Revolver form an effective defensive combo.

Features OF Mini Militia

Sniping Matches In Mini Militia:

If you’re fighting a sniper battle in Mini Militia, always crouch before shooting. The reasoning for this is to avoid getting struck by another person’s firing. You may have observed that in a sniper match, you can shoot your opponent far more easily.

As a result, when shooting a sharpshooter at your opponent, avoid standing. Furthermore, avoid engaging in physical combat while flying. This advice is only applicable during sniping matches.

Melee and Fire:

In a close battle, attempt to use Melee and Fire simultaneously at the same time. With this method, you can kill several adversaries regardless of whether you’ve got a weak weapon or little health.

You could even kill your adversaries who possess the finest weapon using this approach. You just need to mix Melee and Fire. Hence, start practicing immediately to improve your skills.

Melee and Fly In Mini Militia

The next hint is to utilize Melee while flying. The reason for this is that Melee will always assist you, either directly or indirectly. If you frequently use Melee while flying, you may not even realize how you murdered the other person.

To overcome your adversaries, always utilize melee while flying.

EMP Gun:

EMP Gun:

You might not realize it, but EMP Guns can be used in two ways. The first is to disarm proxy mines. Indeed, you may disarm surrogate mines as quickly as they are planted by your adversary.

The EMP Gun may also be used to unlock a barred region. For instance, if the person obstructing your path has low health. To clear the obstruction and kill your adversary, fire your EMP gun.

Shotgun Vs. Uzi:

If you have an Uzi and your opponent has a shotgun, I will never engage in combat; nevertheless, if you have a shotgun and your adversary has an Uzi, I will engage in combat at all times.

When your adversary carries a shotgun, you should avoid engaging in combat since you almost always lose. In every way, the shotgun dominates the Uzi. You can assassinate your opponent with a single shot if you wield a shotgun.

The advice is only applicable if you own a shotgun and an adversary an Uzi, and vice versa.

Lock In Walls:

When you are going to fall beyond the map and your increase isn’t charged, use this method.

You can cling to the wall and wait for your push to recharge. After it recharges, you may just use a boost to go back up.

Power Of Snipe:

When utilizing a sniper, you should take as many headshots as possible. Sniper headshots may kill your opponent in a single shot. Shooting at your opponent’s body requires two shots to kill him/her.

Hence, practice your aim as often as possible to improve your Mini Militia skills.

Play Deathmatches:

Mini Militia has three separate modes, as you may be aware. Open for Everybody, Team Deathmatch, and Practice modes are available. You should practice your movements and the aforementioned advice.

You have a certain amount of time to eliminate as many opponents as you can in a team deathmatch. And You will respawn if you die. Thus, try to play this mode frequently. This mode’s furious combat will make it easier for you to finish out many opponents at once.

How To Grenade Perfectly In Mini Militia?

In certain circumstances, you might have noticed that your attacker is behind a cover with a wall behind it, making it difficult to hurl a grenade at him.
In such a case, you can launch a grenade right against the wall.

The grenade will be deflected by the wall.

This method increases our chances of murdering your undercover cover.

This approach may also be used in an open space or within a shed. All you have to do is figure out where you need to throw the grenade to kill your opponent.

Saw Gun:

This approach may also be used in an open space or within a shed. To kill your attacker, all you have to do is figure out exactly where to throw the grenade.


The hint is about Team Deathmatch, Outpost level. This advice is only applicable if your kills exceed those of your opponents.

You may play Outpost mode with three teammates versus three players from another team.

For example, suppose your teammates abandon the game for unclear reasons, leaving you in a one-versus-three combat. You’re unlikely to get the opportunity to murder somebody.

If you have more kills than your opponents, simply suicide where you spawn. This way, your opponent will not have a chance to kill you, which means they will not have any kills. Because your kills outnumber theirs, you can win the match this way.

Place Proxy Mines In Mini Militia

You obtain unique weapons in each match that allow you to deploy proxy mines. Make the most of the proxy mines.

Make sure you utilize it in a beneficial spot, such as where medkits or guns spawn, or where players spawn since this greatly boosts your probability of executing someone with proxy mines.

Q. How can you improve your performance in Mini Militia?

Follow the instructions above and don’t attempt to be too quick; instead, wait for your opponent and attack when the timing is right.

Q. Who is the most important individual in Mini Militia?

According to leaderboard positions, the guy on top is Gameatron, and he is the number one player of mini militias from all over the world.

Q. How can offline multiplayer be accessed in Mini Militia?

You must connect all of your electronic devices to an identical network, i.e. create a mobile hotspot if your phone supports it and link all of your phones across that network so that you can play with pals without using any data packages or internet.


These are a few of the helpful hints I have discovered, but Mini Militia is a big game, and there are many more.You can devise techniques that I could not.Yet, the aforementioned techniques and tactics are 100% applicable to practically any map.

All you need to do is practice as often as possible to master them, and once you do, you will notice a difference in your games.

The game’s training mode isn’t just for new players; it’s also for existing players who want to improve in Mini Militia, so practice as much as you can to attain the status of a pro player.

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